The Chronic Approach


We discover what’s different and compelling about you
to set you apart from competitors.


We simplify complex clinical and technical propositions and add clarity.


Science and technology can be a dry topic. We find the emotional
resonance in your story and bring it to life to make stakeholders care.


We put you in front of the right people at the right time
with the right message, globally, domestically or regionally.


Our work is proven to drive adoption, demand,
sales and investor interest.

In our work,
we follow a few simple tenets:

There is no such thing as “it can’t be done.” Almost anything can be achieved with the
right combination of resources, time and talent.

Juke and jive. We are nimble, flexible and resourceful. That’s what it takes to make
results happen. We constantly adapt based on the situation at hand.

No negative surprises. We do not exceed budget, ever.

Why “Chronic“ Communications?

People often ask us about our name – why Chronic Communications.
First, it’s catchy, you have to admit. Second, it’s health-related, and
that’s our business. Lastly, the dictionary definition of “chronic”
includes the words “tenacious” and “enduring,” which perfectly
embodies our approach to communications.

The Team
Our Approach
About Our Name