What Clients Say

Past performance is the best predictor of future behavior. Read what past and present clients have said about our work:

“Michelle has worked closely with us as we began Direct Flow Medical’s commercial product launch and has been a key member of the senior staff helping us lay out our communication plan. She has been instrumental in shaping the competitive positioning for our company and product, helping us move beyond product features to an identity focused on strong clinical benefits for our physicians. She developed a communications strategy that has raised our visibility and generated significant momentum for the company. And she has been an integral team member helping us develop the right marketing materials and Web presence that has established us as a next-generation player in the competitive transcatheter aortic valve landscape.”
Bernard Lyons, Chief Executive Officer

“I have worked with Michelle while at two different companies where I led the marketing function – SinuSys, and previously, ArthroCare. In my current role at SinuSys, Michelle has played an important role in refining the positioning of our novel technology so it is compelling and understandable across stakeholders. She has also helped establish a strategic presence for the company and our technology in industry media important to reaching both investors and potential customers. Working with her at ArthroCare, her team generated tremendous consumer media coverage that helped to drive significant revenue growth.”
Kevin Tausend, Vice President, Sales and Marketing

“Michelle is a superb executive with a strong foundation in Communications and PR. Her intellect is matched only by her creativity and passion for achieving results.”
Tony Lopez, former Group Product Director

“Michelle quickly grasps the nuances of complex issues and technologies, which has been valuable in helping us to hone our message. She also offers fresh insights that weigh into many of our marketing decisions. Her experience across both start-ups and large corporations enables her to provide informed counsel delivered in an honest way and with an efficient approach. She is a pleasure to work with and a colleague that I value highly.”
Peter Altman, Chief Executive Officer

“Michelle is a trusted counselor on communications issues and executes successful communications programs with impact. She helped established a clinically credible and visible presence for CircuLite in industry media ahead of our acquisition. She was also especially valuable as we faced a ship hold in Europe, refining our customer communications, providing us with counsel on potential media implications and enlisting her German colleagues in the effort. I would absolutely work with Michelle again if given the opportunity.”
Gail Farnan, Vice President, Marketing (CircuLite acquired by HeartWare)

“Michelle led her team to deliver very strategic, thoughtful, creative, and overall superior work 100 percent of the time. She is a talented leader who strives for and achieves excellence.”
Wendy Dougherty, former Director of Corporate Communications

“Chronic Communications helped us refine our value proposition and corporate presentation so it was far clearer and more compelling for investors and strategics. As a result, we have had a much stronger response and more follow-up meetings that we feel have us on a promising path forward.”
Earl Fender, Chief Executive Officer