Our investor relations approach focuses on the unique needs of emerging businesses.

Investor Relations

Funding or Exit?
It doesn’t matter to us; we can help you with both, and position your company as a dynamic, innovative business changing and saving lives.

When you are in fundraising mode, we examine your story and position in the market, and make it clear and compelling for investors and strategics. We craft simple, straightforward materials to enhance your message. We coach you for an optimal presentation, to ensure that what you mean to say comes across as you intend. And we help prepare you for the tough questions.

To enhance your fundraising or elevate you ahead of an exit, we generate strategic coverage in financial and industry media where investors and strategics are paying attention. And we develop a thoughtful cadence of news that is consistent with your history and helps build your story over time for maximum effect.

We are affiliated with top-notch partners that can take your investor relations to the next level if you are moving towards an IPO. Working with them, we can make the right connections for you and help you transition to public company behavior. Once public, we can assist with earnings announcements, analyst relations, annual reports, shareholder meetings and the other necessities of public company communications.